Unique Approach

Our Unique Approaches To Homecare

We at Genuine Carers try our best to give excellent service. As well as the standard care services (please refer to our services page) we also provide unique care propositions for our service users 

Personal Assistant

We recognise that personal budgets and direct payments give people the chance to choose, their own personal assistants. Allowing individuals to decide who comes into the home and when. But due to the uncertainty of being an employer (including legal ramifications) many individuals are reluctant to take this route. There are also concerns about managing family members, neighbours and friends. We specialise in managing and employing carers on your behalf


We assist in the following ways:

  • Handle all admin work
  • Sort out payroll and insurance
  • Complete training and CRB
  • Adequate backup cover
  • Assist with social services and other agencies



Service users may want people that are from the same culture as them. This could be an elderly Muslim lady who wants a female carer that is Islamic, Urdu speaking and can cook South Asian food. Or it could a White British elderly gentleman who wants the complete opposite. Whatever type of carer the client feels more comfortable with we at Genuine Carers will provide. The reasoning being that the care package is tailored to meet the necessary needs of the client and also the desired wants


We employ ethnic minority carers that:

  • Make ethnic cuisine (including chapatti’s)
  • Speak in a specific language
  • Assist with religious obligations
  • Culturally aware
  • Able to interact socially